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Jim Mullaney is my fiendish alter-ego, a writer of tall tales of the uncanny, the macabre, and sometimes - most times, if we're being honest - outright horror. To date he has two short story collections and one full-length novel to his fake name.

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Eight extremely varied short stories make up this unconventional Halloween horror collection, in which lustful vampires, violently jealous old friends, and spectre-haunted books rub shoulders with human evil, inhuman evil, the inexplicably re-animated dead, and... and supernatural rabbits?
Yes, that's right. Supernatural rabbits.
Do you like piña coladas, and taking walks in the rain? If so, then I’m afraid you’re in entirely the wrong place…
However, if your tastes run to blood-hungry vampires, extremely bad things happening to extremely bad people, people being driven out of their minds, haunted houses, demonic possessions, revenge from beyond the grave, satanic manifestations, and the occasional rampaging monster, then congratulations — you have found exactly what you’ve been looking for. 
Hugely successful fantasy author Sam Parker has written a dozen terrifying novels about the dark and haunted city of Eldritch. But when it comes to writing the long-delayed thirteenth book in the series, an inexplicable fear seizes his mind, and he tries to stop – only to find, to his horror, that he cannot.
Sam’s addiction to his own creation soon draws him back to a story that he knows is simply too good not to write − and then the nightmare really begins, as his fiction starts to tear bloody holes in the fabric of reality. 
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