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Not every idea has the legs to become a full-length novel. Some stories are much better served by the shorter form, and sometimes, like THE HUNTED MAN series, by an episodic format.


In FEEBEE, a troubled young woman attempts to free herself from her abusive past. In OLD DOG NEW TRICK, a middle-aged criminal gets embroiled in a twisted revenge plot. A bad drugs trip pushes a teenage getaway-driver over the edge in THE SERAPHIM, and a reformed offender plans the murder of a machine in THE SWARF. In UNCLE PADDY'S FUNNY LITTLE WAYS, an older woman reflects on the time in her youth when she brushed up against murder and madness.

These five stories, plus brief extracts from three crime novels, make up this first crime short story collection. All the stories are also available individually.

This is a dark crime story about Kavanagh, a small-time north London career criminal who is currently in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Unconsciously, Kavanagh has been desperately searching for a new direction and purpose in life, and he stumbles upon one in a most unexpected way after he is drawn into a twisted revenge plot orchestrated by a beautiful young woman.

This is a new version of the story originally published in THE CRIME SHORT STORY COLLECTION, revised and expanded to become the first book of THE HUNTED MAN series.

This is the second book of THE HUNTED MAN series, and it continues the adventures of small-time career criminal Kavanagh, following on directly from the events of OLD DOG NEW TRICK. In IDENTITY CRISIS, we accompany Kavanagh as he prepares to flee the country in a bid to escape the attentions of both the police and a vicious drugs gang after being framed for a brutal double-murder.

This continuing dark, adult story features violence, bad language, and scenes of a sexual nature... so, what's not to like?

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