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I write crime in two different styles, one light and one dark. The SEPTEMBER STORIES are light and breezy, while the PERFECT novels are much darker and more intense.


Once upon a time, Joel September was an up-and-coming young detective in the Metropolitan Police Service, a rising star with a great career ahead of him and a beautiful, successful wife squarely behind him. Life was good. But that was before he locked horns with a powerful and corrupt undercover cop and his life changed forever.


These days Joel’s a small-town taxi-driver with a limp, a single-parent trying hard to raise his young daughter as best he can, and all he asks of his troubled past is that it keeps its distance and leaves him alone.


Unfortunately, the past seems to have its own agenda when it comes to the September family, and when Joel’s estranged wife goes missing, he has no alternative but to investigate… inadvertently placing the most precious thing in his life, his daughter, in deadly peril.


The first book in the September Stories series, The QUEEN of HEARTS is a fast-paced crime novel, packed with colourful characters and thoroughly laced with humour.


Back in the day, Joel September was a hotshot detective in the Metropolitan Police Service. But that was a long time ago. These days he’s a small-town taxi-driver with a limp, a single-parent with a small, precocious daughter, and – if we’re being truthful – a bit of a trouble-magnet, with a really bad habit of sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong.


When a desperate old man named Charlie Noble asks for his help to track down his missing teenage bride, Joel has absolutely no idea that it will lead to an adventure that has him rubbing shoulders with crooks, aristocrats, thugs, pop-stars and psychopaths, as well as coming face to face with the paranormal and receiving prophetic messages from beyond the grave.


The second book in the September Stories series, The GIRL in the PICTURE is a fast-paced, light-hearted crime novel, packed with colourful characters and thoroughly laced with humour.

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There was a time when Joan Crosby seemed to have it all: her own small but thriving interior design business, an attractive and successful solicitor for a husband, and a large, comfortable home in one of London’s wealthier suburbs. But that time has gone, and Joan has just suffered through the worst year of her entire life.


First her best friend mysteriously vanished from the face of the earth, then her marriage began to disintegrate from the inside out, and finally a hit-and-run incident on a busy London road shattered her mental health and almost took her life. Now Joan believes that the worst is over. But she’s wrong… it’s only just beginning.


Hate. Greed. Lust. Betrayal. Revenge. Madness. Murder. Does this sound like your perfect day?


PERFECT DAY is a slow-burning crime novel that builds through layers of mystery and suspense to a thrilling, unforgettable climax.

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When a badly mutilated body washes up on the Sussex coastline, dark secrets from the past suddenly begin to bleed into the present day.


Two otherwise unconnected women find themselves drawn into the beating heart of a savage murder inquiry that will change both their lives forever. Two ruthless, relentless detectives are coldly determined to discover the truth before another innocent life can be stolen and more lives ruined. One brutal, scheming murderer plays out his intricate and deadly game to its logical, bloody conclusion.


Everyone is frantically searching to find their own personal state of grace… but who will survive to find that perfect peace?


PERFECT PEACE is a dark crime novel that unfolds across a broad canvas of mystery and suspense, and builds to a shocking finale.

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